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This is a Business Directory Listing used by customers, potential customers, and others looking for your products and services. This Directory Listing is also used as a referral resource. This is a Business Directory Listing for Venues, Florist, DJs, Caterers, Officiants, Videographers, Photographers, Bartenders, Wedding Planners, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, or any other Business that does Business in the Wedding and Event Industry.  We will also be having Vending opportunities at events and shows. If you have questions please email or text me anytime. Created for and managed by Small Business for Small Business! 

  • Increases Online Visibility
  • Increased SEO Visibility
  • Ability to add Events
  • Visibility in Four Counties 
  • Become a verified Business
  • Network with other Business Professionals
  • Ability to Promote Specials

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